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Going up Stromboli

  Splendours of Stromboli

August 1994

San Bartolo, one of the villages close to the volcano.

San Bartolo from plane.

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* Stromboli on line had organised in 2000 a contest of paintings about Stromboli I present some here ; gouaches from Francis Macard on Stromboli.
" The Stromboli mountain breathes like whales, rejecting fire and air out of its huge mouths. Its slopes are steep and the lava expanse stretches to 700 or 800 feet deep so that the whole volcano is not more than 600 meters high. Its basis disappears in a "basket" of green trees mixed up with olive trees, fig trees and bright red grapes"
                                                                                       Jules Verne, "Journey inside the Earth"

Stromboli is the only always active European volcano. It is 924 m high at Vancori (open semi circled strato volcano at the Nort East) but it goes 2 000 meters deep underneath sea level. The Cima (918 m) is separated from Vancori by a depression (100 m deep). It shows a second strato volcano inside the first collapsed one. The active craters are 200 m below the "Cima".

* "Stromboli on line" by Juerg Alean and Roberto Carniel (in English, Italian and German) : a very good site for news about activity of the volcano ;
* The Cradle of Volcanology by Boris Behncke ;
informations and images by Volcano World ;
* web camera : the webcam destroyed by the explosion of 5 April 2003 has been replaced by a new webcam is located along the east rim of the Sciara del Fuoco at 400 m elevation, at a distance of about 1 km from the summit. View is towards Crater 1, or the NE-crater. Crater 3 (or the SW crater) is behind.
* Stromboli in 3 D ;
* panoramic pictures.

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