(Java indonesia) (1988 and 1997)

1988 at the Plawagan volcano observatory on the South side base of the volcano. The night went by in a fruitless watch, waiting for the crushing of the dome.
At dawn, the sky was set ablaze by the rising sun ; shreds of mist whirled like in a wield gig, painting the slow, unavoidable daylight with strokes of red.
Within a few minutes, the technician on watch would take laser measurement of the size of the dome.

Indonesie_Merapi_vue_rapprochee_de_la_face_Sud_petit.jpg (10062 octets)

1997 : the Plawagan observatory has been deserted since the pyroclastic flows of november 22, 1994, which came very close. As it is easily reached, it makes it possible to watch the whole volcano with a maximum of comfort.
But, if you want to behold its entire majesty, you could as well stay at the village of Kaliruang ; from the artificial sight-seeing point, near the bed folowed by the pyroclastic flows, you can see the dams they built there to weaken its effects.

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