(Java indonesia) (1988)

Galunggung, a volcano which suddenly woke up in February 1982 ; Maurice Krafft talks about it beautifully in "Volcanoes of the world", a book still available.
Six years later, what is left of this scenery seen covered with ashy snow ? The ricefields have found their natural exuberance and only next to the volcano the scenery shows that, not a long time ago, hell unleaded.
A few kilometers from here, human anthills, in the beds of the streams, are busy picking up these ashes, a sort of godsent coming from the sky being so rich in lime and potash.

At the very beginning of the volcano, the landscapes suddenly become empty, with small hills of scorias pierced by the shrubs they colonize with resolution. The slope's staightening up at once to end up at the bottom of a high wall, in others terms the remnants of the volcano. A big depression whose bottom is made of a lake created thanks to endless rains under these latitudes.
Only two little islands are coming up and our very young guide tells us they correspond to the top of the lava flows accumulated inside the crater. An austere and soft landscape, so far from the initial paroxysm.

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