La Réunion (France) : Piton de la Fournaise

Around the volcano

River Langevin.

The "plain of the sands", on the road to volcano.
Caldeira of the Sands was formed 40 000 years ago, on the top of the second volcano Fournaise, active during 140 000 years


Enclos : lavaflows to the sea.

Volcano Piton de la Fournaise from the edge of Enclos ; in front, strombolian cone Formica Leo.

Inside Enclos

Adventive cones in 2003 (picture by Luc Calvi).

Lavaflows (picture by Luc Calvi).

StSismic station inside the caldeira of the "Enclos", at the foot of the volcano. It belongs to the volcanological observatory, ruled by the "Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris" ; network has 12 sismic stations, 6 magnemeters and many instruments detecting any deformation of the volcano, variations of temperature ...

From Dolomieu to Piton des neiges

View from the crater Dolomieu : foreground, the Enclos with the caldeira of the Sands ; second plan, the caldeira of the Rempart ;
back, the old volcano Piton des neiges and the circus of Mafate.

Inside crater Dolomieu (1995)

Inside view of Dolomieu, one of the two craters up volcano Piton de la Fournaise. Located at the East of the summit, it makes 1 100 m long, 750 m wide, 80 m depth at East and 150 m at West. Lavaflows, spatter-cones and tunnels of lava covered its fround ; in 2006, lavaflows destroyed them.

Spatter cone.

Spatter cone ; filaments of lava inside a lava tunnel.

Circus of Mafate

Bois des Tamarins ; back, Taïbit, entry of Mafate and Grand Benard.

Early morning : Taïbit.

Bois des Tamarins.

Inside views of de Mafate.

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