Red volcanoes, black musics

Chile : Villarica

D. R. Congo : Virunga

Costa Rica : Arenal

Djibouti : lake Abbe

El Salvador

Equator : Cotopaxi and Tungurahua, Galapagos

France : Ardeche and Auvergne

France, Guadeloupe : Soufrière

Guatemala : Agua, Atitlan, Cerro de Orro, Fuego, Pacaya, San Pedro and Toliman

Indonesia : Java, Flores : Kelimutu, Lombok : Rinjani, Sumatra

Iceland : Heimaey, Hekla, Laki and Snaefel

Italy : Vesuvio

Italy, Eolian islands : Lipari, Stromboli, Strombolicchio and Vulcano

Japan : Fuji-Jama, Sakurajima and Unzen

Volcanoes and volcanism : Paintings and images of volcanoes :

Chile : frescoes about Villarrica ; Congo Democratic Republic : fresco about Virunga volcanoes ; Costa-Rica : a truck showing Arenal ; Djibouti : frescoes about lake Abbe ; El Salvador : a taxi with a volcano (Santa Ana ? ) ; Equator : paintings of the  "Alley of volcanoes", ex voto (paintings in the church) of Banos showing Tungurahua in eruption and a fresco about Galapagos ; France : gouaches from Francis Macard on Ardèche and Auvergne, a fresco in Guadeloupe about Soufrière ; Guatemala : a fresco in the convent of "Las Capucinas" showing Agua, near Antigua, frescoes around famous lake of Atitlan and its volcanoes Atitlan, Cerro de Orro, San Pedro and Toliman, an ice-cream seller with a fresco from Fuego, a fresco about Pacaya ; Iceland : a frescoe of Heimaey's eruption in 1783, a mug with Hekla volcano, paintings representing Laki's eruption from 1783 ; Indonesia : Flores : a painting of Kelimutu, Java, rickshaws and batiks, Lombok : a painting of Rinjani, Sumatra : a painting of an active volcano and a fresco, about Snaefel ; Italy : paintings of Vesuvio , Sicily, Etna : frescoes, paintings and drawings by children, Sicily, Eolian islands : frescoes, paintings and drawings by children representing Stromboli, Strombolicchio and Vulcano ; Japan : a painting of Fuji-Jama, paintings of Sakurajima, paintings from Unzen ; Mexico : a painting of Paricutin and Popocatepetl ; Montserrat : a painting about Soufriere Hills in eruption ; New-Zealand : paintings of Ngauruhoe and a fresco of White Island ; Nicaragua : frescoes of Telica, Cosiguina, Masaya, Mombacho, Momotombo, San Cristobal... ; Peru : a painting on leather of Misti ; Philippines : paintings of Mayon and of Taal ; Portugal, Açores, Faial : a fresco and the famous frescoes of Pico painted by sailormen before crossing Atlantic ; Tanzania : a fresco of Kilimandjaro at Arusha and a painting of Lengaii ; Russia (Kamchatka) : paintings ; U.S.A. (Hawaii) : frescoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa ; Vanuatu : a fresco of Garet and Yasur ; Drawings of volcanoes by children ; Stencils by Nice Art.

* Don't hesitate to go and admire the famous "napolitan gouaches" (from Dominique Decobecq' site).

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