Sicily, Italy

Mount ETNA

Trraditional sicilian puppi.

Picture by Dominique Decobecq.

Frescoe showing the destruction of Mascali, in 1928.

All thses frescoes can be seen in Linguaglossa, North face of Mount Etna.

Representation of Mount Etna at Catane

Etna, fresco in central Catania.

Inside entry in via Etnea, at Catania.

Bakery inside via Etnea, at Catania.

Representation of Mount Etna at Nicolosi

Representations of Mount Etna on Mount Etna

South face (Sapienza)

On a touristic shop of souvenirs.

One of the honey shops.

North face (Piano Provenzana)

At Piano Provenzana : one of the rolling shops which replace those destroyed by 2002's eruption.

En 2011, sur un des chalets en bois près des nouveaux télésièges qui ont remplacé ceux détruit par l'éruption de 2002.

Representation of Mount Etna in classical painting

Painting in Washington's National Gallery : Mount Etna seen from Taormine's greek theater.

Representations of Mount Etna in traditional painting

Paintings applied on traditional hand-carts, pictured at Taormina by Bernard Duick .

Representations of actual Mount Etna

Inside a shelter situated on "Forestale", Galvarina, 1 h of walk, South face.

Eruption of Mount Etna, in August 2001 : Laghetto and its plume, in the evening, by Alain Casino.

South-East cone, from Torre del Filosofo in 2001, by Francis Macard.

April 2003 : from left to right, cones from November 2002 and Laghetto ; by Alain Freytet.

Representations of Mount Etna in churches

Fresco at Linguaglossa ; religious procession during an eruption of
Etna, church of Nicolosi (other processions : church of Banos (Equador) ; door of the church of Zafferana Etnea, East face of Mount Etna.

Frescoes in San Alfio (eruption of 1928).

Destruction of Mascali ; picture : Scalia Santo.

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