(1988 et 1997)

Tangkuban Parahu

The crater


The dome and its fumeroles


To the volcano

Crater's lake


From the old observatory

The dome in 1987

South face in 1997

Dam against lahars, in 1997

Traditional gong
in case of eruption

Kawah Ijen

Copie de Indonesie_Kawah_Ijen_Vue_Generale.jpg (24058 octets)
Crater's lake

Sulfur for carriers

Taking sulfur

A carrier of sulfur

Weighting of sulfur (till 80 kg...)


Batok, caldeira of Tengger


Down the crater

Deposits down the crater

Deposits down the crater

Deposits down the crater


No activity...

Explosion from the caldeira


Plumes, from far

Plume, early morning

Plumes, from the old summit

Plumes, from the old summit

Copie de Indonesie_Semeru_Seconde1.jpg (34261 octets)
One second, after explosion

Two seconds, after explosion

Degassing and explosive activity

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