Harry Potter : The philosopher's stone by J.K. Rowling

The last spell from Mrs Hooch

(Drawing by Pascale Maguerez)
... For a moment Harry could see nothing but  dark fire ; then he was  on the other side, in the last but one chamber

Right before him, he saw a big mirror. He began to move closer, but he heard a whistle that grew louder and louder. He looked up and caught sight of a broom that was flying to him and stopped when it reached him. Harry examined it, wondering if that was a trap or if he should mount it . So this is madam Hooch’s spell, he thought.The broomstick changed its course and flew to the mirror.
Harry followed it and found himself staring at an inscription that read : ROOD TSAL EHT KCOLNU OT TI TNORFNOC LLAHS UOHT DNA RAEPPA LLAHS ELBUOD YHT RORRIM EHT FO TUO.
Harry stepped forward, reaching out and barely had time to make out the inscription, when he touched the mirror, before it revolved on itself ; it read : OUT OF THE MIRROR THY DOUBLE SHALL APPEAR AND THOU SHALL CONFRONT IT TO UNLOCK THE LAST DOOR .
After revolving on itself, the mirror stood still and Harry saw his reflection fly out of it wearing his quidditch outfit and riding a Nimbus 2001. His double motioned him to follow him. Harry mounted his broom and flew off at once.
Instantly, the floor began to glow red and Harry felt heat waves hitting him ; it occurred to him that, should he fall down, he would not only be injured but also severely burnt. Suddenly, Harry heard a familiar whistling noise coming out of the mirror and saw two speeding Bludgers flying at him. Harry flew every which way and managed to keep the Bludgers at bay : they were so heavy they could hardly keep pace with him.
A blazing light was reflected in the mirror, and Harry saw a winged golden key squeezing behind his double. He understood he had to catch it to unlock the door at the back. The problem besides avoiding the Bludgers, was that the golden Snitch was hidden by his double. What I must do first is knock him off his broom, Harry thought.
He flew right at him without zigzagging, letting the bludgers gain on him. He could hear them whistling closer and closer, and just before they hit him, he veered away suddenly. Both Bludgers struck his double full force ; he fell off his broom and disappeared into the flames. All Harry had to do now, was to catch the Snitch. He looked for it everywhere and finally caught sight of it near the wall.
I ‘ll have to avoid the wall and dodge the bludgers, he thought. I could very well use the same trick as the one that worked so well with my double. Harry flew right at the wall, letting the Bludgers catch up with him little by little. Once more, he heard them whistling at him, and just before they hit him, he veered away at an angle. Both Bludgers smashed into the wall. Harry reached out and smoothly caught the golden key in mid-flight.
Instantly, the ground beneath him came back to normal ; a whirlwind materialized and sucked up the Bludgers and the broom into the mirror.
Harry jumped off his broom hastily and headed to the back-door, squeezing the struggling key in his hand. He stuck the key into the lock and turned it. There was a click, Harry let go of the key, which was sucked into the mirror, too.
Then he was on the other side, in the last chamber.

There was already someone there - but it wasn’t Snape. It wasn’t even Voldemort.
It was Quirrell...
(translation thanks to Jean-Jacques Grimbert)

Continuation is the 17th chapter of The philosopher's stone by J.K. Rowling

The last spell :(translations thanks to Jean-Jacques Grimbert) :

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