Harry Potter : The philosopher's stone by J.K. Rowling

The last spell from Mr Filch

(Drawing by Pascale Maguerez)

... For a moment Harry could see nothing but  dark fire ; then he was  on the other side, in the last but one chamber

It was pitch black in there. He froze, hoping his eyes would get used to the dark (he had been dazzled by the flames in the previous chamber).
A few minutes later, as the chamber retained its unfathomable darkness, he took out his magic wand and said “lumos”.
Instantly, he heard the word echoed in a hundred different ways as if a hundred people had been standing in front of him.He looked around, but he could see nobody… there was just a high brick wall which split the chamber in two. He stepped forward, expecting to find a door, but found none!
He wondered how to get on the other side, lay his hands on the wall and pushed with all his might, to no avail.
He started thinking it over and had an idea : How about using my magic wand ?
He began by tapping every brick thrice, at random, all the while uttering : Alhomora, but he couldn’t make any gap appear in the wall.Darn !, he exclaimed, and he instantly heard darn, repeated in a hundred different voices.
Whoever is repeating everything I say ?, he asked aloud and heard his question repeated over a hundred times again.
What if it were every single brick that repeated everything I say ?, he thought.
He started to say : Open up, wall ! open up wall ! open up wall !, all the while walking along the wall.

Suddenly, he heard his own voice from right before him.
Then he tapped the brick closest to him with the tip of his wand three times ; it began to shake and fell down.
And behold ! The entire wall began to shake, swayed and collapsed with a deafening noise. The dust blew off within a few seconds and a parchment dropped from the ceiling in front of Harry.

He picked it up, saw it was in Filch ’s writing and read : Jump !
Before him, he found a hole with flames coming out of it.

"If I jump, I’ll be doing what Filch wants me to, and I’ll land myself in the flames. If I don’t jump, I won’t be able to go on ! So, I have to jump : Filch is so twisted, he would have me stuck here and never get to the Philosopher’s stone”.

Harry wavered for a few seconds, then jumped into the flames, eyes shut and roaring.

He heard a creaking from the ceiling and felt something hot brush against his cheek.
The flames died out the moment he landed on the other side.
He opened his eyes, looked up and saw chains red with heat dangling above him. That was a close call !, he thought.
He looked around, saw a door and walked to it ; just as he came in front of it, it vanished.Then, he was on the other side, in the last chamber.
There was already someone there - but it wasn’t Snape. It wasn’t even Voldemort.

It was Quirrell... (translation thanks to Jean-Jacques Grimbert).

Continuation is the 17th chapter of The philosopher's stone by J.K. Rowling

Interactive version of this challenge.

The last spell (translations thanks to Jean-Jacques Grimbert) :

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