(14th to 25th February 2009)

Guatemala : 288 volcanoes, 3 in permanent activity !

From plane : from left to right, Agua (3760 m), Fuego (3763 m) and Acatenango (3976 m).

From international airport : Agua up old maintown Antigua, after a first destruction by a lahar in 1541.

Volcanic complex of Pacaya (2552 m) with, at right, active cone, MacKenney.

Agua (3760 m)

Up Pacaya (2552 m)

Fuego (3760 m)

Santa Maria

To go further about Guatemala :
* Global Volcanism Program ;
* Pictures and discovery (in French) of active volcanoes by
Daniel et Sylvie Chéreau (author of some pictures on my site).

* To read : novels from Miguel Asturias, the only writer from Guatemala Nobel prize of littérature.

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