(February 2009)

All images (and pages) about Santiaguito from 14 to 19 February 2009 (2500 m)

General views

From Santa Maria's point of view

From left to right, the complex of 4 domes : active dome,Caliente ;
the 3 old domes : "La Mitad" (1939-1942), "El Monje" (1949-1955) and "El Brujo" (1959-1963).

From the "playa", between domes 4 and 3 of Santiaguito

Caliente : the evening, morning.

Morning, domes dominated by Santa-Maria, its summit in the clouds.

From point of view, down Santa-Maria's summit

Early morning on Caliente and "La Mitad".

From South face

Up volcanological observatory.

Explosive activity

From Santa Maria's summit

Plumes up clouds in the evening.

Explosion from point of view, back Santa Maria's summit

First seconds of an eruption (cf. Semeru and Semeru2).

Explosion from South face of Santa Maria

Emission of gaz

From point of view back Santa Maria's summit

Early morning ; emission of gaz.

From South face of Santa Maria

Dome's crolling and emission of gaz

From South of Santa Maria


From Santa-Maria's summit.

Back Santa-Maria's summit.

North face.

Volcanological observatory of INSIVUMEH (South face of Santiaguito)

Santiaguito by its thermic camera

Lahars down volcano

Lahars down Santiaguito (back).

* By Global Volcanism Program ; by Volcano World.

General views


Explosive activity

Dome's crolling and gaz

Observatory and lahars


(lake) Atitlan and its volcanoes



Santa Maria


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