(February 2009)

Santa Maria (3772 m)

Going up summit : Cerro Quemado, a volcano whose lavaflows almost destroyed in 1822 Quetzaltenango, back.

The steep way going down Santa maria to the Santiaguito's domes.

Classical point of view on the 4 domes of Santiaguito : from left to right, active dome, the Caliente ;
the 3 old domes : "La Mitad" (1939-1942), "El Monje" (1949-1955) and "El Brujo" (1959-1963).

Santa Maria's vegetation covered by cenders emitted by Santiaguito.

Santa Maria's summit, with its local evangelists.
Back, Atitlan, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango.

From South, Santa Maria up active dome, le Caliente.

* By Global Volcanism Program ; by Volcano World.


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Santa Maria


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