(February 2009)

Pacaya (2553 m)

Lavaflows on 25 February 2009

Seen from motorway before San Francisco de Pacaya.

Pacaya is strombolian, as indicated in Spanish.

On lavaflows field.

Picture by Patrick Barois.

Early morning on lavaflows field ; from left to right, Fuego with its plume, Acatanango and Agua.

Last years' lavaflows back McKenney's cone.

Recent lavaflows back McKenney's cone.

Up summit on 25 February 2009

Back, from left to right, Agua (3760 m) and Acatenango (3976 m).

Much gaz on the summit.

Two vents with fresh lava around...

* By Global Volcanism Program ; by Volcano World.


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