Red volcanoes, black musics

Bleau'n bloc

6 Vidéos from Jean-Pierre Roudneff

Bleau, just one syllabe for a forest which is much more than a forest. Sand as become rock, or rather block. On those stange agglomerats - both smooth and rough - generations of climbers have developped a tradition of demanding climbing. A mixture of imagination, strength, stubborness and slyness.
A possible and accepted fall (at least often, because the Bleausards are those among the climbers who get the most frequent wounds) allows to push back the limits of the grip. You can imagine problems that can only be solved by the combination of an unfailing mind, fingers of steel and pneumatic jades instead of biceps - you will succed in the fire of inspiration or after a number of attemts that can take several years.

The author of the site at Franchard Sablons.

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All the climbing circuits with their difficulties (in French).

* Gimporama, for its guides out of circuits ;
* Jo Montchaussée,
an historic climber ;
* a wonderful artistic site ;


* Bleau info : all boulders from 7 a to 8c.

Red volcanoes, black musics
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