Arrival on the summital crest of Agung, the biggest volcano (3 000 m of altitude) and its most sacred.

Our balinese guide praying on the summit.

To visit Agung : Stories of volcanoes and eruptions : Agung


Temple, at the foot of Batur, regularily active (in 1999 et 2000), but not in 1988...

Batur, from its caldeira's lake.

Batur, in its caldeira.

Craters, from the summit, and its recent lava flows.

To visit differently Batur : Stories of volcanoes and eruptions : Batur

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     Traditional balinese music.

The author of the site with a Balinese dancer.

We shouldn't forget the religious fervour of this Hindu island. All through the day, processions and spectacular cremations are on the roads ; wearing their many-coloured clothes, the Balinese lay their offerings in the thousands of temples and oratories that are scattered all over the island. This religious fervour doesn't exclude hardly-fought games of dominoes until late in the evening (image down).


An hinduist island

At the foot of the volcano Agung, the most sacred place in Bali, in the temple of Besakhi, all the day long, popular and simple fervour expresses itself through offerings and songs.

One of the most famous balinese temples, tiny islet in the sea ; a metaphor of Bali, frail and fervent hinduist boat, lost in the immensity of the biggest muslim nation of the world.

Cremation : a very spectacular ceremony...



Wonderful terraced ricefields

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