Red volcanoes, black musics

From Japan to Indonesia  (Java and Bali) -where their density is the highest in the world- to the Philippines, going on the Far East also means meeting friendly people that gather on these lands of volcanic ashes that allow three crops of rice a year.
    Whether they are Muslims, Catholics or Hindus, they all live close to these mountains called volcanoes (gunung in Indonesian) that were thought to have been turned into dragons.



Borobudur (Java)


Bulusan (Philippines)

Galunggung (Java)
Copie de Indonesie_Kawah_Ijen_Vue_Generale.jpg (24058 octets)
Kawah Ijen (Java)

(Kiushu, Japan)

Krakatau (Java)

Mayon (Philippines)

Merapi (Java)

Papandayan (Java)

Pinatubo (Philippines)

Semeru (Java)

Taal (Philippines)

Tangkuban Parahu

(Kiushu, Japan)

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