East Africa, over 4 000 miles, is breaking itself open centimeter after centimeter,   and volcanoes can be seen along this collapse zone amidst the savannah. Situated on the East rift zone, Kenya offers at Bogoria one of the most fascinating landscapes of the world, but also shows the beautiful Longonot volcano ; Tanzania is proud of its Ol Doinyo Lengaļ, the Masaiis' Mountain of Gods, the only volcano to emit the famous ink-black carbonated lavas, and Mount Kilimandjaro, the roof of the continent, whose everlasting snows shine under the scorching sun.

Bogoria (Kenya)  

Ol Doinyo Lengaii (Tanzania)

 Longonot (Kenya)

Lake Magadi (Kenya)

* Information and images about volcanoes in Africa by the Global volcanism Program.
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